Small advertising budget? Or first want to try out our Yellow Pages? No problem. Xippia handles a fair chance policy for every Gambian company to enter the digital highway with us. Therefore, we give the option to make a free listing only with your basic information. However, the free listing exclude the following options:  A comprehensive company description, a photo gallery, a contact form linked to your email account, your opening times, your social media channels, reviews, a booking form if you have a restaurant or practice, an event promoter, and a handy Google road map of your location.

The free listing option is build up with only the following groups and fields reflecting back on this demo page:


Title: Your company name and/or branch.

Tagline: Option to use a slogan or to say something catchy.



Logo: Upload your company logo if you have one.

Cover Image: Upload the best picture of your company.


Describe your company

Description: Text field to describe your business.


Contact information:

Email: Show your email address.

Phone: Use one or more numbers.

Website option: Link to your website.


Contact our office for more information or to make an appointment with a sales agent.


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