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Like any other business you always explore new channels how to grow and expend your business. As we all know very well, the internet is going to play an increasingly important role in your company's revenue and brand awareness. But often buying your own website is too expensive or too complicated. That's why we give Gambian companies the option to advertise for an affordable price to build their own (mini)website on our platform. Check out our sample of a paid advertisement in Gambia with us by clicking the demo button below and to guide you back in here with a follow-up and step-by-step manual in best practice how to boost your sales and promote your company name on our website.

1. Before you start

Before you start your paid listing  it is useful to have best your photos ready, to think about a good slogan for your company and a short description of your business, products or service.

Note: To use our business directory to promote your company it is required to sign in or register first by clicking in the hamburger menu left on your mobile or in the right top corner of your laptop screen. Not signed in or registered? Click here to learn more.

2. Start your listing from Mobile or Tablet

Click on the hamburger menu of your mobile or tablet (left top) and choose Add Listing.

Free Mobile
3. Start your listing from Laptop or Desktop

Click on Add Listing from your desktop or laptop in the right top of your computer screen.

Sign in or Register
4. Choose your paid package

Click on PLACE to start your paid advertisement.

Choose package
5. Confirm your package

Choose your duration time & BUY PACKAGE

Choose your listing time
6. General Information

Time to start your advertisement. To promote your company a title and slogan (tagline) is required as well a description of your company. Who are you? What do you do exactly? And why customers should come to your place.  

Tip: Try to be creative with your text and make your description not too long. A maximum of 300 to 600 words is enough. 

Tip: Your title and slogan are the first things your customers see when they click on your listing. Best practice for a good title is your company name and your branch (e.g. Beauty Salon Xippia), whilst a slogan should be "catchy" to attract customers (e.g. Top products for the lowest prices). 

Paid Listing 6
7. Images

Images are a crucial part to attract customers, because one picture can say more than 1000 words. First, upload your logo - if you have one - in this block. Second is your cover image. Because this is the wide screen picture at the top of your advertisement, it has a high impact on your readers: So, upload the best picture here that represents your business. Third is your gallery with a maximum of 10 pictures. 

Tip: The gallery is a perfect visual tool to highlight your product range, services, staff or interior. 

Tip: Trouble to upload your pictures? Contact our service team at to assist you.

Xippia Paid Listing 1
8. Contact Information

Fill in all the fields how customers can contact you.

As you probably noticed in the demo, the cover image also displays a handy Call us now button, so that customers can call you with 1 click. The phone number you enter in your contact details is linked with this button.

Xippia Listing 3
9. Social Media

If you're using social media you can list them here.
Once added, they appear in your advertisement with a handy one-click button. Click on ADD, choose your social media and submit your complete social media URL (e.g. )

Paid Listing 9
10. Working Hours

Your working hours are an excellent tool to let your customers know when your business is open or not. Click on each day and choose to enter your specific opening times, or if you're open all day, closed all day, or that you operate only by appointment. 

Paid Listing 10
11. Location

Since most streets in The Gambia are unnamed, this map is an excellent tool to communicate your location to your customers. This way you don't have to explain anymore where your business is located.

How does it work? Type your city (e.g. Banjul) and scroll (or use the Plus-Button in the map) to zoom in until you find your exact location on the map. Left mouse click to point the locator exactly on your place and click on LOCK PIN LOCATION.

Tip: Using Google My Business? Type the name of your company instead of your city.

Tip: Can't find your city or village in the list? Choose a big city near you and swipe the map to your own location.

Paid Listing 5
12. Listing Details

You're almost done. Click on Select categories to choose from the category list the one that fits your business. Note that most categories have also subcategories to make it easier for our website visitors to find you more specific. (e.g. Cars and Trucks has also Parts, Insurance, dealerships and so on. So, check all subcategories too!

The second part in this block are your tags. Tags are quick indicators in your ad to let customers know if they can pay with a credit card, if you handle home deliveries, if you provide free WiFi and so on. Just click on SELECT TAGS to see the full list of tags and click each of them that fits your business.

Paid Listing 7
13. Listing Details

Lot of companies provide a short movie on YouTube or Vimeo to present their business. Place your link here.

Last but not least, proof you're not a robot by checking the box and in your last step you have an option to preview your work first, before you submit your listing. 

Congratulations ! You are live ! 

Paid Listing 8
14. Check out

Once your advertisement is ready and submitted, you will be auto-directed to start your check-out. You can pay by cash, check, PayPal or credit card. Once we've received your payment an invoice will be mailed to you or handed over in person, whilst our SEO team start to optimize your ad to rank as high as possible in search engines like Google, Bing or Yandex.

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