The African Woman Foundation - Changing the way society treats women.

The African Woman Foundation was established on a simple principle and belief that the African girl, who grows to be the African woman of tomorrow, must be treated with dignity and deserves equal opportunities to succeed in life.


The African Woman Foundation (TAWF) is a charity dedicated for the promotion of the education and rights of women and Girls, to guarantee their economic independence.


At TAWF we realize women are trapped socially and economically. This, in turn, robs them of their right to make life-altering decisions independently, which include sexual and reproductive health. In poverty, the African woman is more at risk of physical and sexual violence.


Join Hands with Us
Come & join hands with us to have a better Africa for all women and girls. For more information, donations and our campaigns, please visit our website.


1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Suite 1025 Washington DC 20006

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