SOS Children’s Village Bakoteh' efforts ire very diverse and go back to 1982. We run a kindergarten, a primary and a secondary school along with a vocational training centre in order to help build up the educational infrastructure of the community.


In the kindergarten, up to 235 children from both the local community and the SOS families find a place where they can enjoy happy moments of play, as well as preparing to start school. The primary school provides basic education to around 850 children and the secondary school, which is specialized in technical subjects, provides more than 1,000 young people with a good learning environment. The SOS Vocational Training Centre offers courses in trades such as carpentry, auto mechanics, metalwork and tool-making, and young people from SOS families in Liberia and Sierra Leon also come here for training.


The medical centre run by our organisation is specialized in supporting mothers and children, and it provides a much-needed place for mothers to give birth to their children in a safe environment with professional staff. Furthermore, the medical centre organizes programs that aim to prevent and inform about cervical cancer and other health issues.


Ten SOS families in Bakoteh provide a loving home for as many as 100 children with no one to care for them, and as the children grow up, they have access to education or vocational training. When children from SOS families become adolescents, they typically move into special accommodation. Here, they live together with other young people from SOS families under the guidance of a qualified educational counsellor while learning to become fully independent.


The SOS Social Centre in Bakoteh supports vulnerable families in the area, and the education of children is a central part of our work here, too. Our efforts make it possible for parents to send their children to school, and parents and carers are supported in acquiring job skills and parenting skills which will enable them to better support and care for their families.

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