School for Enrolled Nurses and Midwives Bansang - SEN Bansang

The School for Enrolled Nurses and Midwives is a second level nurse training institution in The Gambia established in 1977. It was initially meant to train Nurse Attendants on basic nursing procedure in the absence of a registered nurse at the time.

Barely after three years of existence, the school was upgraded into a second level nurse training institution and a syllabus developed. The training was first moved from RVH to Gambia College, School of Nursing and Midwifery in Banjul until1989 when it finally moved to Bansang in Central River Region as a boarding school. The school since inception has been under the purview of the Ministry of Health and social Welfare and fully supported in all aspects.

In 1983, a post basic training on midwifery was introduced and the school now runs two programs; the general Enrolled Nursing program and the Enrolled Midwifery program lasting 2 and 1year respectively. The school provides over 40% clinical nurses and midwives in the Gambia public health facilities (UNFPA 2010). From 1977 to date, the school has graduated 1139 Enrolled nurses and 534 Enrolled Midwives. These nurses and midwives form the greatest chunk of health personnel in the Gambia and are providing the much-needed services in the length and breadth of the country.


Bansang - The gambia

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