Philanthropy University breaks the mold of e-learning platforms by offering the first-of-its-kind online learning ecosystem for social impact organizations. We bring free courses, communities and funding all together in one place.


Our goal is to facilitate learning moments that build critical competencies and long-lasting working relationships. Ultimately, we seek to dramatically improve human development outcomes across the world.


Our learning platform is accessible on all devices. Our Android app is available in the Google Play store so learners can easily listen to course media and complete readings offline.


We are always exploring new ways to better serve our growing learner base. With regular surveys, we listen to learners’ feedback and work to develop content, programming and product features to meet their unique needs. We also experiment with blended learning — pairing our online services with in-person workshops — with the help of local partners.


360 17th Street, 1st Floor Oakland CA 94612 USA

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