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In May 2018 Paradise TV became reality, as the 2nd private television station FOR GAMBIA DAILY NEWS. Paradise TV had been a long-time dream from Gambia's home-grown media entrepreneur Harona Drammeh. Early 2018 Paradise TV was issued with a license and since then a lot has happened. The goal of PTV GAMBIA is Reflecting Gambia, meaning: being proudly Gambian. Showcasing what Gambia has to offer to the national and international audience that Paradise TELEVISION is attracting.


News in Gambia Today
Providing independent news the nation, not only in English but also in local languages like currently in Wolof and Mandinka and in future is Jola, Fula and Serahule is one of the main focuses of Paradise TV. The news team works 7 days a week to bring up THE LATEST NEWS IN GAMBIA TODAY in 30 minutes bulletins. With English daily at 7pm, Mandinka at 8pm and Wolof at 9pm.


Gambia Breaking News
There is always something happening and especially via social media we keep you up to date with Gambia Breaking News, but if need to be we will interrupt our broadcast to inform you. Because if is happening, will happen, you know it is about to happen – Paradise TV likes to know. So just call or WhatsApp us on 6 111 666 with your information.


Gambia TV
Off course Paradise TV Gambia is more than only Gambia News, it is About Gambia so we will be bringing you daily and weekly programs like Café Arjana, News review, Gambia Sports, talk shows, investigative journalism, entertainment, culture and our own soap series. Paradise offers a complete Gambia TV station, using home grown talent and let them flourish and be part of our aim to be Reflecting Gambia.

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