Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources of The Gambia - Sustained development of the fisheries, climate and water sectors.

Vision Statement
Sustained development of the fisheries, climate and water sectors and the economic benefits therein as well as the welfare of its stakeholders guided by policy frameworks which recognize that responsible resources management is essential for sustained development, for now and for the future.

Mission Statement
To manage, develop, conserve and protect the country’s fisheries and water resources in order to assure a safe and sustainable exploitation of these resources for domestic, trade, agriculture and other uses which are responsive to current and future quality of life and economic development needs of present and future generations of citizens of The Gambia; and to provide timely and accurate weather and climate data and information to safeguard population and promote food security.


Marina Parade, Banjul, The Gambia

Phone Number

(+220) 4227773

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