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Lambai Nursery and Lower Basic School is a small and private school which started in 1994, at London Corner, Serrekunda. The school started with just thirty pupils between the ages of 3 and 7 and has been steadily increasing to a population of 130 pupils today. The pupils are housed in four classrooms under seven teaching staff, including the Head teacher. During our growth the school is facing many challenges .....

Get Involved . . . How can you help?
Lambai School is urgently in need of teaching and learning equipment, second hand clothes, bags and shoes to improve the living condition of the children in the school.

Our aims:

We are aiming to provide a better quality of life and education for our pupils. Sponsors are highly welcome to Lambai Nursery and Lower Basic School and to see if there are any areas to help with. Challenges we are facing are in the field of:

- Basic school needs

Like Inadequate staff, teaching and learning Materials, due to increased enrollment. But also lack of funding to meet regular payment of staff salaries.

- School Rents:

Difficulty in paying monthly rent or yearly for the school because the school has not got it's own premises.

- School Feeding Program:

At present the school is unable to operate a feeding program as well as the medical assistance due to lack of funds. Food encourages pupils to attend school regularly.

- Nursing Mother:

The pupils are too young to take care of themselves, when going to the toilet. We need support to hire a nursing mother to take care of the welfare of the pupils during school time.

- Children Sponsorship:

Not all pupils are currently able to pay school fees. We need sponsorship from willing parties for pupils to be able to attend school.


Please feel free to visit us or to contact us for more information in how you can get involved. 


Serekunda - The gambia

Phone Number

+220 355 3947

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