Keep Gambia Clean (KGC) is a civil society organization, registered in The Gambia in 2018. The organization is rooted in the desire and passion to keep the environment clean and healthy. It was created by like minded Gambians who share a common interest in making The Gambia clean and litter free.


Pollution as a result of poor waste management is endemic in The Gambia especially within the municipalities of Kanifing, Banjul and Brikama.


This is due to poor waste management strategies and negative public attitude. Most people in The Gambia throw waste improperly causing massive pollution particularly on roads and water bodies.


It is because of this reason that a group of like-minded young Gambians, led by Madiba Sillah, came up with the initiative of Keep Gambia Clean; to help address this problem.


We discourage people from littering or dirtying the environment. This is done through advocacy and awareness creation. We also organize, mobilize, and volunteer at various clean up exercises.


We want a Gambia, where everyone is conscious about littering, and where the environment is always clean and healthy.

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+220 382 0225

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