Description - For justice to been done, it must be seen is an independent website covering news on justice related to mass violence, so as to promote reconciliation and fight impunity in societies facing serious crises.

Tribunals, truth commissions, reparations programmes, reconciliation processes and remembrance are all mechanisms of so called “transitional justice” covered extensively by Mass crimes seriously affecting the lives and dignity of communities have also taken on a new dimension with, for example, deforestation and land-grabbing, violence against migrants, conflict over water. To fully play its role to inform, will also cover these issues to the extent that legal or para-legal measures with a collective dimension are under way or planned. is a media of Fondation Hirondelle, a Swiss NGO that provides news and information to populations in crisis zones, so as to enable them to act in their daily lives and as citizens.


Our conviction

“Without information, no reconciliation”
The JusticeInfo project combines production of editorial content ( with training of local journalists and correspondents. It also contributes actively to dialogue on issues of justice for mass crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, but also environmental crimes etc.) in most of the affected countries or regions.


Our objective

There are few media offering extensive, free coverage in English and French on issues of justice, peace and reconciliation. aims to be a sounding board for these often complex processes, to improve understanding, analyse and put them into perspective.


Our target audience

As an open, interactive media platform, is for everyone interested in issues of justice, human rights, peace and reconciliation who wants access to reliable sources and rigorously verified information. This is essential particularly in societies trying to emerge from conflicts, where information is often scarce and biased, limiting understanding of justice processes and so making it harder for affected populations to own them. These populations need to know that they are not forgotten, that procedures exist, and that their voice is taken into account. To allow them to be heard, reports on their situation through local and international justice actors, including witnesses, humanitarian workers, journalists, lawyers, judges, university academics and members of civil society, who are often channels of information in their spheres of influence. The aim is to inform and promote dialogue through different types of content (investigation, interviews, reportages, opinions, forums) and different formats (text, audio, video, infographics).



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