Green Up Gambia - Environmental Conservation Organization


Green-Up Gambia addresses urgent environmental crises. We started as a project of ‘Climate Watch The Gambia’.  We launched in September 2016 in commemoration of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ocean Layer, and by 2017, as a result of our outstandingly successful activities, high profile and wide base of enthusiastic volunteers, Green-Up Gambia became an independent organization. Ever since then, we have been engaged in raising eco-consciousness in communities - especially amongst young people in rural villages, in order to mitigate climate change.

We focus on deforestation and land degradation, introducing sustainable farming practices to enhance livelihoods in an ecologically friendly way.  These practices entail government accountability with respect to protecting natural resources, sustainable waste management, and scaling up tree planting by joining the Great Green Wall for the Sahel and Sahara. We have over 400 volunteers coordinated by a core team of 8, and are represented in The Gambia’s administrative regions.

For more information, donations , or volunteering, please visit our website.

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+220 381 4654

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