Global Media Campaign to End FGM - Together we can !

Global Media Campaign to end female genital mutilation began in the UK at the beginning of 2014. Working with other British campaign groups and international campaign platform, the Guardian and young female activist, Fahma Mohamed called on Minister for Education, Michael Gove to write to all schools in the UK asking head teachers to take whatever action necessary to protect the children in their schools against FGM.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon then joined our media campaign, calling on media around the world to support an international drive to end the practice. A month later, not only had Mr Gove agreed to write to all schools, but the Welsh and Scottish Education ministers agreed to do the same.

Our media campaign then spread to the US where, inspired by what she had seen in Britain, a young woman from Atlanta called Jaha Dukereh started her own petition with, Equality Now and the Guardian. She called on President Obama to order a national survey into the prevalence of F.G.M. in the US, who did so and also spoke out on the practice as a result.


Global Media Campaign to end FGM in Gambia

We have engaged in grassroots work in Kenya, the Gambia, Nigeria and Sierra Leon. In October 2015, we ran our first media Campaign Academy with the Guardian, giving training to a diverse group of Kenyan activists on how to use different forms of social media to amplify their message and have a greater impact.


We are funding and supporting activists, religious leaders and journalists to use all forms of media TV, radio, digital, satellite and social to urgently end female genital mutilation. We are broadcast in 7 countries, and 52% of the listeners we surveyed say they are acting on the end FGM message.


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