The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) was established in 1972 as a statutory public corporation with the mandate to operate such port facilities best deemed expedient to the public interest.

The Port of Banjul is located on the estuary of the River Gambia 13° 27 minutes north and 16° 34 minutes west, 26 nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean and its area of jurisdiction covers north from Buniadu Point to the extreme of Cape Point, to the south from the western extreme of Dog Island to the northern extreme of the South Bank of Madina Creek.


Who we are:

The GPA provides facilities and services for berthing of vessels, discharging and loading operations using cargo handling equipment for both containerized and non-containerized cargo. The GPA, due to its business, manages assets such as container terminals, land, bonded and conventional warehouses, office buildings, tugboats for berthing assistance, dredgers for maintenance dredging, cargo handling equipment such as reach stackers, forklift trucks, and tractors and trailers and maintenance workshop.



Over the years, the Port of Banjul has been internationally recognized as one of the safest and most efficient ports in West Africa and offers reliable and value-for-money services to its numerous customers. Its strategic location along the major shipping route linking Europe, the far east and Africa makes Banjul a regular port of call for well-established conference and independent shipping lines. A long-established system of close cooperation with Customs, immigration, health, and shipping agents, coupled with a competitive tariff and competent human resources, ensures that customers are always provided with quality service. With deep sheltered anchorage and no known incidents of piracy, makes Banjul one of the safest Ports in the sub-region.

The Port of Banjul is unrivaled in Africa in terms of its simplified customs and administrative formalities, and Customs operating on a fully-fledged IT platform, ASYCUDA A*, ensures that trade facilitation is accorded priority.

The project aims to improve the capacity and efficiency of the port of Banjul, to transform the Port of Banjul into one of the best ports in the sub-region with fast turnaround of vessels, fast handling and customs clearance, easy documentation and overall ISPS compliant.


 Banjul Ports Authority Offers: 

24 hours pilotage and Port Operations
A competitive and flexible tariff
State-of-the-art aids to navigation
Fast ship turnaround time
One-stop-shop documentary process
Fast customs clearance
Flexible working practices and harmonious industrial relations
Computerized port operations
Direct delivery to consignees’ premises
Adequate and appropriate cargo handling equipment
Entrepot storage and transshipment facilities


34 Liberation Avenue - Banjul, Gambia

Phone Number

+220 422 7266

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