Gambia for You - Your partner for safe and weekly container shipments to The Smiling Coast of Africa.

Gambia for you Foundation has been active in the export market to The Gambia since July 2014. We ensure that your relief supplies arrive in The Gambia from the Benelux. Your goods are safely stored with us in our warehouse in the city of Gilze.

Every week we ship one container to the Gambia. You can find the date of departure on our Facebook page. The goods can be collected there as soon as the container has arrived, about 5 to 6 weeks later.

We have been coming to The Gambia for 15 years and therefore know how much the Gambians need help. That is why we keep costs as low as possible. A portion of the proceeds will also go to one of our charities.

If you have your heart in this right place, send your goods through us. You also help the local population.

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Vosseberg 11 - Gilze - Holland

Phone Number

0031 6-3049 7434

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