Gambia Community Library Project started as a pilot in the village of Kafuta, West Coast Region of The Gambia. It was the first of its kind in that part of rural Gambia - with a population of about 5000 people. The Kafuta Pilot is equipped with a library and tech lab. The children in the community use the library during and after school hours. It serves as a safe and conducive environment for the children to study, engage in debate, improve their writing and reading skills. The children use the tech lab to learn information technology skills during their formative years. Living in the digital age, the introduction of children to ICT tools will better help to equip them in their learning process.

In addition, the after school program has improved the performance of many of the children in the community. Since its inception in 2016, all of the members of the library gained admission to senior secondary school with excellent grades. This is largely attributed to the after school extra tutorial programs the library offers.

The center serves as a learning and resource center for the community - nurturing the culture of reading, writing and scholarship. The center promotes literacy by offering relevant and attractive reading materials for the children, youth and the entire community of Kafuta and its surroundings through the provision of necessary tools needed with a conducive place for reading and research.


The Gambian Community Library Project offers guidance and counselling services for the youths on academic and professional development.

Information Access
Provides access to a wide range of information through the provision of computer facilities for research and training purposes.

Provides support for the development of literacy: fostering the habit of reading, writing and scholarship; among the youth and children of the community.

Phone Number

00220 780 5038

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