Fact Check Center The Gambia - Accurate information is power.

Fact Check Center The Gambia is a youth led civil society organization working to counter fake news and hate speech in The Gambia through advocacy, research and capacity building.

Who We Are
We are a non-governmental organization working to combat misinformation, disinformation and hate speech in The Gambia, with focus on fact checking and advocacy around fake news, media and information literacy, election watch and parliamentary engagements.
Mis/disinformation and hate speech has become a major challenge which creates a disorder in information dissemination and violates people’s right to access accurate information. While hate speech on the other hand is a violation of people’s human rights which is a treat to peaceful societies and electoral processes.
The target of the Center is to avail Gambians access to accurate and reliable information, to ensure peace and peaceful elections and societies, encourage government accountability and transparency to promote good democratic governance and respect for human right values in The Gambia.

Our Principles
- Committed to none partisan & fairness
- Transparency of sources
- Transparency of funding
- Transparency of methodology

How We Work
We fact check claims base on relevance, and the potential impact a claim might have if not properly checked. Aside from monitoring social media and other mediums to catch claims to fact check, we allow for the reception of claims from individuals to be checked, thereby involving the citizenry in our stride.
Our fact checks are published on our various social media platforms, including WhatsApp broadcasted messages for more reach.



8A, Kairaba Avenue

Phone Number

00220 251 9806

Contact Email

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