European Union in The Gambia.


The EU–Gambia relationship dates back more than 35 years. Important changes have taken place since formal ties were established between the EU and The Gambia in 1976, with the opening of the EU Delegation in Banjul. The Gambia has come a long way to economic reconstruction and development; nevertheless important challenges remain, notably in the fields of poverty eradication and governance. Our relationship has expanded from implementation of development cooperation to a much wider range of issues, encompassing political dialogue.


The Delegation acts as the interface between the European institutions and the Government of The Gambia and its population. Over the years, the role of the Delegation has evolved to cover a wide range of issues.


The Delegation's mandate is to actively promote the values and policies of the European Union, to play a key role in implementing the EU's development cooperation activities - in The Gambia, these cover a range of target areas such as infrastructure, governance, food security and rural development- and to follow political developments in the country and to deepen our political dialogue with the Government on issues of mutual interest.

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