The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC Research Institute) is a think tank that researches and develops proposals that address the key challenges faced by the international community.


DOC Research Institute carries out research into the causes of tension and identifies opportunities for conflict resolution. Its relevance is rooted both in the policy development proposals it puts forward, and in its ongoing engagement with a wide range of international experts.


DOC Research Institute provides an independent forum enabling people around the world to work together, through the fundamental principles of dialogue, to develop applicable analyses and practical solutions for national and international policy-makers and institutions.


Its vision is rooted in the understanding that an open, mutually respectful and equitable dialogue is the fundamental prerequisite for effective cooperation and partnership between civilisations.


Events held include the publication of analytical Reports, the organisation of round-tables and conferences, and the provision of expert commentary and analysis from our international network of reputed academics and sectoral experts.


The DOC focuses on three main areas:


Promoting understanding and cooperation among peoples, cultures and civilisations and harmony beyond differences.



Examining inclusive, innovative and just development models that work for all.


Developing policy proposals for international actors and exploring new diplomatic avenues.


Französische Str. 23 Berlin, Germany

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+49 30 209677900

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