Digitalization of African agriculture. 


CTA develops & provides services that improve access to information and knowledge for agricultural and rural development. It’s a joint ACP-EU institution.

Our vision and core values are at the heart of our organization. They inspire our people, underpin our decisions and motivate our actions.


Our Vision

CTA Agricultural Center seeks to be the partner of choice for those working to empower agricultural and rural communities in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific with the knowledge and skills they need to fight poverty and hunger.


Our Core Values

Commitment to Development. CTA is committed to sustainable development, increasing prosperity and improving the wellbeing of agricultural and rural populations in ACP countries in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner
CTA will listen to its partners and respond to their needs.



CTA Agricultural center strives for excellence, transparency and accountability in all its projects and to all its stakeholders
CTA is committed to serving as an honest broker by bringing together, and facilitating communication among, different stakeholders to achieve sustainable solutions for agriculture and rural development challenges in ACP countries
CTA will demonstrate a high level of accountability to its supervisory authorities, partners and beneficiaries
CTA will adhere to a high level of professional and ethical integrity in discharging its duties
Empowering communities and groups.


CTA will strive to empower the individuals, groups, organisations and networks with whom it works, while respecting the richness and diversity of their voices, by enabling them to build and strengthen their capacities and become self-reliant
CTA will promote gender balance and enhance the involvement of youth in its programs and partnership arrangements.


CTA's work focuses in particular on the areas of ICT for agriculture, women and youth entrepreneurship and climate smart agriculture. CTA is at the forefront of the fight against poverty and for sustainable food security in African, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.


CTA's work focuses in particular on the areas of digitalization in agriculture, youth entrepreneurship, climate-smart agriculture and empowerment of rural women.


The world does not stand still, and neither does CTA Agricultural center. We seek individuals and organizations aspiring to empower agricultural and rural communities in Africa.


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Agro Business Park 2 6708 PW Wageningen The Netherlands

Phone Number

+31 (0)317 467100

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