Change The Game Academy- Empowering Civil Society Organisations all over the world.

Change the Game Academy aims to change the ‘rules’ of the development game. Transferring power to communities and enabling them to shape their own future. Many civil society organizations depend on foreign funding to do their work, which makes them vulnerable and puts them at risk of working donor-driven.

Change the Game Academy aims to end this dependency by supporting autonomous local organizations to strengthen their fundraising capacity. Raising domestic resources not only enhances financial sustainability, but it also increases community engagement, local ownership and legitimacy of organizations. Additionally, because organisations with a local support base are better positioned to hold their governments accountable, we also train organisations to mobilise support from governments. Change the Game Academy offers e-learning, in-person classroom courses and individual coaching.

Who are we?
Change the Game Academy was initiated by the Dutch Wilde Ganzen Foundation and co-created together with CESE (Brazil), the Kenya Community Development Foundation (Kenya) and Smile Foundation (India). Today we have partners in twelve countries that implement the program and strengthen the capacities of social changemakers to effectively raise funds and mobilize other forms of domestic support.

The online course on Mobilizing Support has been co-funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the ‘Civic Engagement Alliance‘.

What does it cost to take a course?
All online learning materials are available to you free of charge! Access the portal by registering yourself here. Register and get full access, save the exercises you have already done, and learn at your own pace.

Online courses are available worldwide. Classroom courses are offered in a growing number of countries. Read more about where upcoming courses are planned at Classroom courses.



Piet Mondriaanlaan 14 , Amersfoort, Netherlands

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+31 33 204 5555

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