Caring For Mobility Gambia C4M is a project under the umbrella of the foundations Bennie Helps Gambia and Transport4Transport.

We are setting up a medical equipment lending service to make medical equipment available (short- or long-term) for (temporarily) disabled Gambians.  (Note: we also rent equipment out to non-Gambians in need.)

There is no medical equipment lending facility in The Gambia. Meaning that a (temporarily or permanent) disabled person with an average Gambian income, depends on 'a generous donor' in order to have access to medical equipment.

If you do not have that medical equipment (quickly), this could have far-reaching consequences, even in the short term. For example: family care (there are many single parents/caretakers) is endangered, work can not be continued, the general physical condition deteriorates. Often disabled people end up in social isolation as they end up lying in bed (often a mattress on the floor) 24/7 when there is no medical equipment available.

We provide (and always welcome!) medical aids for children and adults such as: wheelchairs, various types of crutches, walking sticks, canes, rollators, walking frames, shower chairs, toilet chairs etc.

For more information or for donations see our website.


Kololi Road Manjai Kunda, The Gambia

Phone Number

+220 777 8877

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