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Gambia is a low income country for the majority of the population. It has no interesting minerals but there is peace. The seeming disadvantage may be Gambia’s advantage. For tourists Gambia is a very special country with lots to offer. Many visitors are immediately captured by the friendliness of the people, the simple way of life and the remarkable safety, the colourful African dresses, the culture and the accessibility of the people. Despite tourism, which is the main source of income and only seasonal, the lack of job opportunities in the Gambia is poignant. Tourism happens at only at the coast line. Up country it’s a different life. Where poverty prevails, hope can hardly grow. Without hope, growth and development are hard to create.


Gold from nature

If you have no money, your destiny is determined by your circumstances. Your circumstances determine your destiny. Foundation Care for Natural wants to break this persistent circle.The CFN foundation shows the people of Gambia to discover the 'high value' of the Gambian nature and develops ideas to make respectful use of it. For example, by preserving fruit, trade can suddenly start. By making ice creams from milk, you can earn an income. By giving peanuts a crispy seasoning coating, they suddenly become an interesting snack item of higher value. Aloe Vera with its endless possibilities can be a valuable source to many products once grown in an organised manner.



We combine our insights and product knowledge with the skills of our Gambian people. This allows us to make a lot of beautiful products together. We prevent unnecessary loss and spoilage of, for example, fruits that are available in abundance during a certain period of the year. We turn the fruits into delicious tropical fruit Jams. So that, for the rest of the year when they are out of season, the fruits can be enjoyed in the form of tropical fruit jams. We make the most favorite sauce of the African West Coast, Sausi Cani, by processing hot peppers in a special way. We make a wide variety peanut butters from the tasty and abundant Gambian groundnuts which are ever improving. Our peanut-butters are what they are called, no foreign oils are used.


Claudette Sarr-Krook

The founder of Foundation Care for Natural, Claudette Sarr-Krook, has been resident in Gambia since 1994. She knows how to turn her endless creative ideas and the inspiration in everything she sees, into valuable beautiful and useful products and into entrepreneurship. She does this always in tight consultation and cooperation with the Gambian people. Claudette guides the local women daily with every step, the women guide Claudette by educating her to understand the culture better. Claudette speaks and understands one of the local languages (Wollof) which makes communication effective and sincere. The result is amazing! Numerous families now have direct income through the many activities of the Care for Natural Foundation. This number grows as the foundation gets more publicity. So we are not finished yet!


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