Learn how to use our business directory as a visitor, advertiser and who we are in 3 handy chapters

1. Advertiser Guide

2. Visitor Guide (coming soon)

3. Inside Xippia

1. Advertiser Guide

Advertising in Gambia

A short introduction why online advertising in Gambia, as well as your online presence, becomes increasingly important to grow your sales. Learn also everything about our free and paid plans to make your company successful on the internet.  

How to register on our website

To use our business directory to promote your company it is required to sign in or register. With our easy step-by-step guide it's just a matter of minutes. All you need is an email address and create a password to jumpstart. 

How to start you free advertisement

Start your free advertisement with this clear step-by-step manual to get your company online.

How to start you paid advertisement

Follow this easy step-by-step guide with screenshots when you opt for a paid advertisement.

Price plans

Ready to get full max revenue from your paid listing? Check out our handy overview of all our promotion plans with durations to grow your business online.

3. Inside Xippia

About Us

Learn everything you need to know about who we are, what we do and why.

Terms & Conditions

Read all do's and don'ts when you are using our website and our fair play policies. 

Privacy & Cookies

Your privacy means a lot to us. Learn everything how we protect your information.

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