Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Xippia Business Directory Gambia, hereby named as Xippia.

1. Acceptance
It is not necessary for any Client to have signed an acceptance of these terms and conditions for them to apply. If a Client uses our website then the Client will be deemed to have satisfied themselves as to the terms applying and have accepted these terms and conditions in full.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Any purchase or use of our services implies that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

2. Charges
Besides the opportunity to list for free on the website, Xippia offers also a Paid Listing option. Charges for Paid Listings to be provided by Xippia are defined on our Pricing page.

Unless agreed otherwise with the Client, all our paid services require an advance payment of a hundred (100) percent of the listing quotation total before the listing goes live.

Payment for services is due by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

3. Listing Service
If the Client is unable to list, for example, having problems accessing an account, or having problems with English, or for any other reason, the Client can enable the help of our free Listing Service. Available at the office, by telephone, by e-mail or by messenger. The Listing Service is for all Listings, free or paid. However, this includes no professional or catchy content writing which can be done for a small fee.

4. Client Review
Xippia will provide the Client with an opportunity to review and edit the appearance and content of the Listing.

5. Termination
Termination of Listings by the Client must be requested in a written notice or by email and will be effective on receipt of such notice. Telephone requests for termination of services will not be honored until and unless confirmed in writing.

For all listings, free and paid, the client will be given a reminder by email or telephone, 30 days before the end date to renew the listing. If the client does not respond, the listing will automatically be deleted on the end date and will be no visible anymore on the website.

6. Indemnity
All Xippia services may be used for lawful purposes only. You agree to indemnify and hold Xippia harmless from any claims resulting from your use of our website that damages you or any other party.

7. Copyright
The Client retains the copyright to data, files and graphic logos provided by the Client, and grants Xippia the rights to publish and use such material. The Client must obtain permission and rights to use any information or files that are copyrighted by a third party.

The Client is further responsible for granting Xippia permission and rights for use of the same and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Xippia from any and all claims resulting from the Client’s negligence or inability to obtain proper copyright permissions. The invoice or free listing receipt shall be regarded as a guarantee by the Client to Xippia that all such permissions and authorities have been obtained. Evidence of permissions and authorities may be requested.

8. Fair Listing Policy

To prevent unfair competition, multiple listings by 1 company are not allowed. If a company wants a higher attention value, (paid) homepage banners or additional design pages are available.

9. General
These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous representations, understandings or agreements. The Client’s invoice or free listing receipt constitutes agreement to and acceptance of these  Terms and Conditions. Payment online is an acceptance of our terms and conditions.

10. Liability
Xippia hereby excludes itself, its Employees and or Agents from all and any liability from:
• Loss or damage caused by any inaccuracy;
• Loss or damage caused by omission;
• Loss or damage caused by delay or error, whether the result of negligence or other cause in the production of listings on the website;
• Loss or damage to clients’ artwork/photos, supplied for the site. Immaterial whether the loss or damage results from negligence or otherwise.

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