Wayas Mental Health Clinic - Accessible community mental health services for all Gambians.

Wayas is a registered charity in The Gambia and aims to: iii) provide confidential counselling service, information, advocacy, and support to women, children, young people and adults at individual and at a group level. iv) encourage those with poor mental health to seek proper and appropriate support; offering consistency and long-term support within the community. v) work with other organisations who are offering services complementary to Wayas’. vi) promote health, and welfare of women, disabled, children, and young people.

What we do:

- Counselling and Psychotherapy
Counselling is a two-way working relationship. Through counselling, you will have the opportunity to gain more insight into yourself, your situation, and the way you relate to others. You will be able to explore different ways of looking at your life and the choices you make. The counsellor will help you in this and in your move towards making your own decisions, and perhaps taking more control over your own life…

- Life Coaching
‘Coaching helps individuals’ access what they already know. They may never have asked themselves the questions, but they have the answers. A Coach assists, supports and encourages individuals to find answers. Meaning life coaching is a process that enables you to clarify your intentions and accelerate your progress towards achieving your personal, relationship, and career goals.

- Training
These structured courses and support will offer insight and strategies in the following areas;

Mental Health First Aid in a work place
Emotional First Aid
Peer Support
Anger Management
Basic Counselling Skills
Self-esteem & Confidence


Banjul - The gambia

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