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Success Bilingual School Gambia was established in 2017 with the purpose of promoting da`wah outreach programs. Committed to its vision of holistic education, Guided by the ideal of SERVICE OF HUMANITY our organisation has been working untiringly to promote value-based education within the framework of religious ethos. The establishment of Success Bilingual School is aimed at ensuring that education is accessible to communities facing socio-economic challenges.

Being a reliable educational institute with strength and a deep rooted background, we are inspired by Islamic values. Our aims are; to generate a center of attraction in the modern education world with a “24 hour education” which is based on affection and respect within a boarding environment, to accommodate ourselves to the requisitions of a rapidly changing world without sacrificing the principles which make us strong, to be such an establishment which develops as we learn and proceeds to the perfection we target step by step with all team members from teachers to the students, to contribute to the formation of the future’s healthy, strong and civilized society.

To be able to fulfill our new innovative “24 hour education” method, we; search and reach new learning technologies wherever in the world and adapt them to our system, observe all the latest improvements in the world of education and train all teaching and non teaching staff to professionalism, provide a friendly and caring family atmosphere; students can achieve their potential in delightful and safe surroundings, seek to find and bring out each students’ potential, to encourage self-discipline and self-motivation, to instill a sense of purpose and an awareness of the needs of others, and to encourage responsibility and thoughtfulness in all we do, motivate and educate our students to become the  successful devoted leaders of future generations, aim to stimulate independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity, to enrich spiritual awareness, to match physical fitness and to promote individuality together with a sense of duty to friends and society, make sure the students are provided with fresh, natural, healthy and Halal food to keep fit physically and mentally, encourage students to discover their potential and assist them to build self-confidence to enable their talents, ensure students can achieve better communication skills throughout East and West as well as history and social equity consciousness.


Opposite Bijilo Medical Center off Bertil Harding Highway Bijilo,

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00220 3903434 / 7259339

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