Safe Hands for Girls is an organization focused on protecting young girls and women from the practice of Female Genital Mutilation in all its forms. And to provide support to victims and survivors of FGM in The United States and abroad.


It was founded and led by a young female who herself was put through the practice at the age of 1 week in her home country of The Gambia before being forced into a marriage at the tender age of 15 and brought to the United States. This gives her unmatched first hand experience in the lifelong harmful effects of the practice as she continues to suffer and endure them on a daily basis. It fuels her determination to see an end to all sorts forms of violence against women especially FGM. And to see to it that no more little girls have to go through the pain she lives. The organization wants to see that girls are protected and cared for and not cut by the very people entrusted with their safety.


The organization will seek to raise awareness about FGM in the United States, and work with stakeholders at all levels. Including families, teachers, medical personnel, law enforcement and legislators, to protect these innocent little girls. We will also work with governments and organizations abroad to achieve our objectives, all while being reasonably sensitive to cultural and religious considerations.


Read more about us on our website. And if you’d like to support our work, please go to our Support Us page or get in touch.


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