Are you tired of relying on anti-inflammatories and painkillers to relieve your musculoskeletal pain? At QC Kinetix (Forest Heights), we understand that these medications only provide temporary relief and come with a host of side effects. That's why we offer regenerative medicine in Portland as a better alternative. Our regenerative therapies harness the power of the body's natural recovery processes to stimulate tissue growth and regeneration. By using innovative techniques, we can speed up your recovery and reduce inflammation, providing relief. At QC Kinetix, we take a holistic approach to treatment, starting with a comprehensive examination to determine the underlying cause of your pain. Our team of professionals will then develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific condition, helping you avoid surgery and its related complications. Don't let musculoskeletal pain hold you back from living your best life. Contact QC Kinetix (Forest Heights) today to learn more about our regenerative therapies and how they can help you achieve better pain relief without relying on medications.


2135 NW Miller Rd, Portland, OR 97229

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(971) 380-4670

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