PURA Gambia - The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is The Gambia’s independent multi-sector regulator established by the Parliament under PURA Act 2001 to regulate the following sectors:


- Broadcasting
- Electricity
- Telecommunications (mobile, landline and ISP)
- Petroleum (downstream)
- Water and Sewage


What we do
PURA protects both the interest of consumers and Service providers within the sectors it regulates. It provides guidelines on rates and fees for the provision of regulated public services and monitors and enforces standards of performance and promotes fair competition within its regulated sectors.


In addition, the functions and role of PURA are further defined in the Information and Communications Act, 2009 (IC Act) and the Electricity Act 2005. The IC Act 2009 sets out PURA’s mandate as the authority responsible for the regulation of information and communications services, information and communications networks, associated facilities and associated services. It further assigns additional functions to PURA and as well clarifies functions granted to PURA under the PURA Act.


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+220 4399601

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