PUM Netherlands: Our mission is to share knowledge for vibrant businesses and better lives.

PUM Netherlands senior experts is a volunteer organisation committed to the sustainable development of small and medium-size enterprises in developing countries and emerging markets.


We offer practical expertise within the most important sectors of the economy, giving primary attention to producers and consumers. Personal attention and reliability are key qualities of our approach. Always with respect for humans, culture and the environment.


We stimulate the well-being and development of our employees, volunteers and customers. By doing so, we impact positively on the economy, society and the environment. Customers are keen to work with us and enlarge their chain of knowledge.


Advice at the work floor
You are an entrepreneur who has been in business for a while now. You are making small progress but feel that there’s much more to gain. Unfortunately you either don’t have the resources to hire a commercial consultant or, in case you do, there is simply no local consultant around with specific knowledge and experience. You may also be running a business support organisation, linking up various entrepreneurs in your region. Your goal is to help them grow and increase their networks.


Why not invite a senior expert to advise you at the work floor?
An advisory mission takes two weeks. During this period a senior expert works with you at the work floor and leaves practical recommendations for you to follow up. The expert supports you remotely with the implementation of the recommendations, using e-mail or Skype. In case you stumble upon the next issue, you may request for the expert to come again. Or for an expert with different expertise.


You always pay for board, lodging, interpreter costs (if necessary) and local transportation costs of the expert. PUM pays for the airplane ticket of the expert, insurance, visa costs, admin and other expenses. If you request a follow-up mission you may be asked to contribute to those costs as well.


Application criteria
To make sure that we provide our services directly to our target group, we ask you to comply with our application criteria (see button on the right).


Want to know more? Please visit our website for more information.

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+220 (0)7770083

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