PDOIS - People's Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism.


Our Vision: - The Gambia We Can Build Together

PDOIS aims to facilitate the building of a Secular, Democratic, Sovereign Republic with each  citizen  serving in equal measure as a depository  of the Sovereignty of the Republic; a Sovereign person who in concert with others, could demonstrate equal ownership  of public authority exerted in an informed manner  to create a community of Sovereign citizens equal in rights and freedoms irrespective ethno-linguistic origin, gender, religion, philosophy, physical and other features; a community of Sovereign people capable of building a self-reliant and self-determined economy by harnessing mineral and extractable  resources to  become architects of a self-reliant and self-determined destiny of liberty, dignity and prosperity; a people who would justifiably and irrevocably earn an honourable and equal station  with all other peoples in the world.


Our Mission: - A Commitment, a Promise to the National Cause

Endeavours to complete the first phase of the struggle for National Liberation and Independence by building a self-reliant economy aimed at linking raw material production with processing  and putting Public, Private, cooperatives and micro finance at the service of the productive base, and to particularly harness adequate Sovereign National Wealth from mineral and other resources to build a Sovereign Republic capable of  standing on its own and in mutual  solidarity with other nations, eradicate poverty and ensure a life of liberty and dignity in prosperity  and sustainable development.

Endeavours  to undertake the second phase of National Liberation aimed at consolidating the sovereignty of the people  by  eradicating  vestiges of monarchical traditions  and  self-perpetuating rule,  consolidate the authority of the Sovereign community of citizens by ensuring  inclusive and participatory governance through involving people organised into civil associations  to serve as social auditors who will  scrutinize, criticize  and restrain tendencies towards misrepresentation, bad governance, mismanagement and impunity on one hand, and on the other, to serve as the ears, eyes and  mouths of the people who will speak truth to the authorities in defense of legitimate  individual and  public interests, and mobilize the active participation of people in managing National Affairs.



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