LF Conteh Door Concept Gambia - For all your exterior and interior doors.

LF Conteh Door Concept is a home improvement company specialized in new modern luxury internal doors, entrance doors, sliding windows & bathroom cabinets. Our motto is to deliver the BEST QUALITY at an affordable price. We offer free installation on all our doors.

Security Doors

Your security is our priority. Our High Quality security doors meet European standard and helps to protect and beautify your home. Burglars don't want to attract attention to themselves. They are more likely to avoid protected houses in favor of an unprotected home.

Our security doors are designed with a heavy duty steel construction that stands up to any rough treatment. It features a stainless steel screen inside which offers maximum security. Besides a high standard security lock and hinges, the anti removal valt pin system makes it extremely difficult for an intruder to break in.

Interior Doors

Your internal doors will go a long way to completing the overall look and feel of your home. Their primary role is functional - they divide up spaces, let light in or prevent noise travelling around the house. But they also add an extra level of design detail too.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing your internal doors such as functionality, material, finish and size. For professional advise LF Conteh Door Concept is your right partner where we take all time needed for you to choose the right door option for your home.

Bath room doors

Our high quality bath room doors are made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The doors are durable, as well as water- and fire-resistant. They come in a variety of colors to enhance any décor and design.

Bathroom areas often benefit from as much light as possible so that the room feels bright and spacious. And glazed door windows are a great way to achieve this. Our frosted glass door options are an excellent choice for bathrooms as it lets in the light without compromising on privacy.

Door Hardware

When it comes to door hardware, you have many choices with LF Conteh Door Concept, from the finish to hinges to knobs to locks and more. If your door doesn't require latching and uses a push/pull feature, our decorative non-turning dummy knobs and handles are an ideal choice. For doors that don't require locking functionality, such as closet, pantry or hallway doors, passage door knobs are easy to install and come in an array of finishes and designs.


We are located in Brusubi Phase2, just 2 mins drive from Turntable towards and just before Brusubi police station on the main road. Call 2933015 or 3312434 for more information or follow us on Facebook for the latest news at


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