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Ida Ideas Fashion & design training institute is The Gambia first fashion design school that empowers youths especially girls and provides them with an industry recognized curriculum which teaches then how to become a qualified fashion designer and a future entrepreneur.


Ida’s Ideas fashion school is founded by Ida Saine Conteh and Chan Mendy.


Ida was trained and nurtured to become a success story in the world of fashion and breaking all barriers to become a household name for those that love to dress and impress. As The Gambia most recognized designer she is synonymous with creativity, style and sense of color. she is renowned the Gambia’s fashion ambassador.


Chan Mendy was born into the fashion industry and grew up learning the business from an early age. her passion for the business continues as she traveled to England and acquired a degree in fashion and art, with a successful academic and employment track record her goal is to establish the first international fashion design school in the Gambia and share her knowledge, passion and experience with her fellow youths.


Our courses include - 1 year certificate program in fashion and textile. 1 years diploma program in fashion design and entrepreneurship. 6 months mentoring & work experience/internship at industry recognized fashion outlets.


Our fashion students will learn how becoming a fashion designer involves many core related principles to completely understand the many facets of the fashion industry which includes, colour & moods, illustrations, research and creative arts, history of fashion, pattern making, garment manufacturing and entrepreneurship training.
Cosmetology classes will be available where student will learn about hairdressing, make-up, skin therapy, nail art etc


Opposite Bakau Independent Stadium, the Gambia

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+220 3167773

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