GIVE1 Project Gambia is a global non-profit, voluntary and development oriented organization that aims to engage young people as leaders.

Give1Project was founded following the inauguration of President Obama in January 2009.
Dedicated to autonomy, this global non-profit organization is working to promote young men and women' involvement in social. But also in economic and political life of their communities, their nations. As well as political and economic groupings in which they live.

Give1Project is represented in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The organization is designed to select, train and mentor future global leaders, community by community, across the world. Currently, international branches accompany young people who create initiative projects in communities, assist students in the field to develop all their abilities, passions and efforts, thereby painting their vision of tomorrow's world. Each day, Give1 Project Gambia works with young leaders to turn today's possibilities into tomorrow's realities. With Give1Project, the world becomes a place of learning and experience is your best teacher!


Our Vision:

- The resourcefulness, the entrepreneurial spirit and self-belief are so many assets that help build the world of tomorrow.

- Leadership is an art filled with path and career plans, to the extent that it is now necessary to provide the energy necessary for a positive collective momentum by supporting, supervising, training, rewarding and giving hope to the youth that will make the world of tomorrow.

- Give1Project is one of those actors providing this opportunity. The opportunity to become the future "spearhead" of a better world, by providing new skills, a commitment to innovation, and a passion for development and politics.

- Give1Project gives an opportunity to reflect on the issues of the world around us, and supports the collective action for the future.

- Give1Project conveys the image of a caring and dynamic youth aware of the realities to which they are confronted. Give1Project means: responsive, share, teach, formulate ideas and transmit the values that may be required throughout our existence.


Our mission:

Promote the emergence of young global leaders in all communities.


Give 1 Project ... in a few words:

Leadership: A set of qualities that enable the success of people but also the teams and communities.

Exemplary nature: Being a leader means above all inspiring the desire to succeed and being an example to the young generations.

Network: Develop and maintain a global network that is the answer to tomorrow's challenges.


Our work:

At Give1 Project, we determine and implement activities according to our own specific realities.

We operate primarily in three areas: leadership, entrepreneurship and youth education. We also conduct community and humanitarian actions in favor of disadvantaged people in the areas of hunger eradication, health, environment, water, renewable energy and even art.

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