ECPAT International is the only worldwide network that is exclusively dedicated to ending the sexual exploitation of children.


ECPAT International provides technical support and coordination for a global alliance of 100 member groups and coalitions in over 90 countries around the world.


ECPAT has been a driving force in galvanizing awareness and commitment for realization of the rights of the child to protection, while also working to ensure that the concern, voiced by governments, civil society and other actors from countries around the world, results in concrete action.


ECPAT can trace its origins to a number of child rights campaigns in the early 1990s. Officially formed in 1996, the ECPAT Network now consists of more than 100 members in over 90 countries. Our focus today includes ending the sexual exploitation of children through prostitution; taking action against traveling child sex offenders and tourists; preventing the trafficking of children for sexual purposes; stopping early and forced child marriage; and eliminating the online sexual exploitation of children.

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+66 2 215 3388

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