CESAD Project - Circular Economy In Sustainable Agricultural Development in Gambia


Enhancing small-holder farmers’ sustainable competitiveness and supporting the local development of the North Bank region of the Gambia.


Food security on Gambia is still influenced by several natural and structural factors that affect the lives and the livelihood of rural smallholder farmers, and climate change continue to have aggravating effects on food production and nutrition of the most vulnerable groups in rural communities.


For this reasons the vision of the CESAD Project is to transform the agricultural sector in the North Bank Region of the Gambia in a profitable business able to generate profit for farmers and create work opportunities for unemployed people. Thanks to the increase of sustainable competitiveness of smallholder farmers in final markets they will have the possibility to engage themselves in the agricultural activities being able to find a way to introduce their products in the agro-commodities market, and generate profit that can be invested in other activities and needs like education, medical care or house care providing an increase in the quality of lives in rural areas.


CESAD Project has a total budget of 834,605.00 Euro, the European Commission contributes with the 80% of the amount, the remaining quota of 20% is shared among partners.


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