Apex Optics Gambia - Perfecting vision.


We are a team of eye care professionals with cumulative individual practice experience of over 100 years. Our team includes people of several nationalities trained in UK, Sweden, the USA and Gambia that have provided exemplary eye care in the region for over 25 years.


We examine eyes and prescribe corrections in the form of contact lenses, spectacles and low vision aids. We are stockists of all lens types: contact, mineral, photo grey, plastic, tinted, transitions, bifocals, progressives and designer and non-designer frames and sunglasses. We assess vision for job suitability, like in drivers, pilots, security personnel, school children, quality inspectors, computer and visual display users; in short for all visual needs.


We prescribe and dispense diagnostic and therapeutic ophthalmic drugs as laid down by the specific exemptions established in the UK Medicines Act. These exemptions are provided for in Prescription Only Medicine (Human Use Order) 1997 SI 1830 [the `POM Order´] and the Medicines (Sale or Supply) [Miscellaneous Provisions] Regulations 1980 SI 1923.


We have branches in The Gambia, Sierra Leon and Senegal.


Contact us at:

Banjul branch: +220 4226124 or +220 2369999

Kololi branch: +220 3942010 or +220 2269999



Phone Number

+220 246 9999

Contact Email

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